Whether you’re a homeowner wishing to build an addition to your house, a major developer reimaging a parcel of land, a private school or institution in need of expanded facilities, or a lender conducting due diligence on a property, zoning laws and regulations will govern how the land can be used and developed. The Brown Law Firm provides expert analysis and guidance on the District’s zoning constraints for existing buildings constructed under past or current regulations, proposed matter-of-right projects on vacant parcels, and properties benefiting from zoning relief.

With over three decades of land use experience (and over twenty years as an attorney), Carolyn Brown is a seasoned professional with in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of the regulatory process. She has evaluated hundreds of properties throughout the District. She meets regularly with the District’s zoning administrator to obtain interpretations on the regulations and has secured numerous approvals for complex and contentious cases before the District’s Board of Zoning Adjustment, including appeals of building permits and interpretations of the zoning administrator. These approvals have included additions to houses, new and expanded mixed-use and commercial buildings, private schools, assisted living facilities, non-profit organizations, and religious and other institutional uses.

Ms. Brown has also successfully advocated for planned unit developments and zoning changes before the District’s Zoning Commission, winning approvals for some of the most pivotal developments in the District, including Phase I of The Wharf at the Southwest Waterfront, the McMillan Sand Filtration Site, and the second convention center hotel. The depth and scope of this experience is applied to each project at The Brown Law Firm so that every client has the best chance of resolving its zoning issues and reaching its goals.

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