Historic Preservation

With over 3,000 historic districts and landmarks in the District of Columbia, few properties are untouched by the by the District’s historic preservation controls. Carolyn Brown has over 35 years of experience in the land use field navigating the historic preservation review process and finding solutions that respect the significance of historic resources while allowing their adaptation for current use. With dual degrees in law and American Studies/Historic Preservation from George Washington University, Ms. Brown’s training allows her to develop successful solutions within the legal constraints of historic preservation.

Most issues can be addressed by working collaboratively with talented architects and the professional staff of the Historic Preservation Office or the U.S. Commission of Fine Arts. However, complex projects involving demolition or subdivision of landmarks may require formal adjudication before the Mayor’s Agent for Historic Preservation, where knowledge, experience, and a background in historic preservation matter. During the past decade, Ms. Brown has become the leading advocate for securing approvals before the Mayor’s Agent, even in the face of strong opposition, and helping re-establish the “consistency test” as a viable legal standard for review.

As the District ages and we gain a greater appreciation of our past, the number of properties deemed historic will continue to grow. Given the constraints historic designation places on properties, it is imperative that high standards are maintained for listing in the inventory of historic sites. Ms. Brown can provide a professional assessment of designation applications and help challenge unwarranted requests, particularly when they are designed to thwart development.

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